Welcome back to CAPE MIC

Welcome back to Cape MIC, we finally regained ownership of our domain and are back on track. The Western Cape Music Industry is teeming with talent, diversity and beauty. The Cape Music Industry Commission (Cape MIC) is excited and proud to be part of building a bigger, better, more bountiful base for the sound of music.

Cape Mic Jazz Band

At its core Cape MIC comprehensively connects composers, performers, producers, engineers, and music industry executives to encourage dialogue and collaboration. We believe we can do more as a team of individuals and organizations to further the industry’s economic and creative growth than we could ever do alone.


  • establishing and developing positive relationships between all participants in the industry, and
  • amplifying new opportunities, trends and technologies,

We aim to educate and integrate all elements of the industry to encourage growth and sustainable development.

Cape MIC makes its difference felt on the ground, over the airwaves and in the hearts of its supporters with projects that pinpoint crucial industry challenges and actively promote its brilliance to the rest of the country and the wide world.

We want you to be part of it. This industry is music to our ears.

Too Much Coffee can be a Bad Thing !

The Music Industry is fraught with cases of squandered talent due to artists’ problems with substance abuse. So many young talents are squandered due to problems with drugs like cocaine, heroin and the likes thereof. Just think about the wildly talented Kurt Cobain ? However many of us focus on the “harder” drugs when problems can often start with some seemingly much more harmless and legal ones. As musicians, we often need to work long hours and burn the midnight oil in order to finish gigs or hold up two jobs to support our musical passions.  “Caffeine Addiction” Is this fact or a myth? When we speak about someone with a caffeine addiction we normally assume that they are drinking too much coffee. However caffeine is not only present in coffee but is also found in tea, energy drinks, pain pills, the common cold medication and diet tablets. The fact is that caffeine is in itself a mild pain reliever and also aids the effectiveness of all other pain killers.

We need to ask ourselves the question, is caffeine addictive?

Basically caffeine is a stimulant but if used frequently can result in a minor physical craving. This could cause symptoms like headaches, vomiting, nausea or mood swings. Unlike other addictive drugs caffeine does not endanger your physical or social well-being. If the user should stop using caffeine for a short time, they will experience certain withdrawal symptoms such as:

  • Headache
  • Tiredness
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Concentration problems

This type of withdrawal only lasts for a few days and is not as harmful as that of serious drug users.  For this reason many experts believe that frequent caffeine use is not a serious problem. There are an abundance of world class Cape Town rehabs available to those who feel they may be sufferers. More than coffee, I think energy drinks should be used with more caution. Drinking these beverages for use in sports is one thing, but consuming more than one on a normal day may lead to some physical problems.

Can caffeine cause lack of sleep?

Caffeine has a very short life span and after 5 hours 50% has left your body. After 8 hours, more than 75% has been eliminated. So if you drink coffee in the morning you should have no problem with sleep in the evening. If you drink coffee later in the day, according to your metabolism, you may experience insomnia to some degree.

Can caffeine increase the risk of Osteoporosis, Heart Disease and Cancer?

It has been proven that a daily dose of caffeine of three cups per day has no harmful effects on healthy adults.

  • Osteoporosis: Research has shown that a high intake of caffeine 7 to 8 cups per day will cause the risk of bone loss to increase. However if just two tablespoons of milk is added to the coffee the loss of calcium is minimized.
  • Heart Disease: There is a very slight increase in heart rate and blood pressure when caffeine is consumed. But research has shown that cholesterol and cardiovascular disease has not been the result of excessive caffeine intake. However if the person has high blood pressure or cholesterol it is beneficial that they limit the amount of caffeine intake per day.
  • Cancer: In recent times research has shown that caffeine may actually prevent certain cancers.

Is caffeine harmful to pregnant woman?

Studies have shown that if a pregnant woman consumes a cup or two of coffee per day it has no effect on her pregnancy at all. Caffeine is not linked in any way to miscarriages, birth defects, premature birth or low birth rate. Call any of the drug rehabilitation centers in Cape Town if you are unsure of whether your coffee intake is abnormal and are concerned for your unborn child.

Has caffeine got a dehydrating effect on its users?

 Consumption of caffeine just as any other drink will result in the urge to urinate. So caffeine taken in moderation will have no greater effect on dehydration as any other liquid drink.

Is caffeine harmful to children?

Children up to the age of 6 years should not consume any caffeine. Children between the ages of 6 and 9 can consume ½ cup of coffee per day without any effect. But if today’s children consume more and more of energy drinks this can become a problem as their caffeine content is excessive. This can result in the child becoming anxious and irritable and may even end up with a crash. Basically caffeine is not good for children. Starting out in consuming too much of a stimulant like caffeine could lead to other dependencies and health issues later on in life.

Does caffeine have any positive health benefits?

Many coffee drinkers will tell you that caffeine helps them to stay alert, concentrate better and have more energy. Researches have suggested that caffeine has the ability to reduce the risk of the following disorders:

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Liver disorder
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Dementia

A lot more studies need to be done in order to confirm the above statements and risks. However it must not be forgotten that very high levels of caffeine in your system may have harmful effects.

Volunteer Musicians Keep the Vibe Upbeat

There are many different ways musicians can enrich the lives of others and lift the spirits of the destitute and homeless. I was strolling through Observatory last week when I came upon a really motivating site. There is a volunteer based soup kitchen feeding scheme that meets and sets up a soup kitchen to feed the homeless. Among the volunteers was well known South African musician, Abraham Helberg, strumming away on his Ibanez guitar and puffing on a tobacco pipe, lending such a peaceful and joyous tone to the soup kitchen.

Unpaid Internships differ from volunteer work; an Internship is something you can do that would develop your skills in a certain profession and gain something from the experience. Volunteer work on the other hand can also be seen in this light, but is motivated more on a person’s desire to help out and expects nothing in return. This is a very basic explanation into the differences between the two. I have made up a list of a few companies where you can find Internship placement in Cape Town and South Africa.

African Sunrise Volunteers

African Sunrise provides placements for interns and people wanting to volunteer in South Africa at different NPO’s. Their internship programmes are varied including political studies, human rights learners, and Social work amongst others. They offer one of the best internship experiences and they will even go so far as to find an internship for you if it is not listed on their site. Their required stay to participate in an internship is 3 months, in those months you will gain valuable experience and be able to apply your knowledge in your chosen field and work in a very hands-on environment.


VACorps creates custom intern placements in South Africa for the student or young professional that need the experience to gain valuable knowledge and life skills. One of the examples of their internship programme is offering and experience to participate in South African Conservation. Being involved in this intern initiative gives you the opportunity to work in the Table Mountain National Park and help in areas such as preventing poaching and helping to protect our vast biodiversity of plant and animal life.

A second example from VACorps is their Refugee internship; here you will help to improve the lives of refugees in South Africa.  The volunteer internships available at this organization are many and varied and can the company can even custom your internship experience to your needs and likes. This is unlike African Sunrise volunteers who assist students and graduates from all over the world to volunteer South Africa.

Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town

This centre relies on the dedicated work of each intern and volunteer. The Scalabrini centre is involved in trying to alleviate poverty and aids in the integration of refugees and migrants into South African society by offering development and welfare programmes to the local communities. They offer full time internships that last for a minimum of 3-6 months depending on the needs of each project. The various projects involved include tasks such as, helping with events, covering reception and teaching English to name a few.

Contact: 021 465 6433

Save Volunteering

The Save foundation is an NGO that is involved in helping to create sustainable community and conservation developments in South Africa and other countries. The Save foundation internship programme offers a wide spectrum of opportunities, including community service internships, social work internships, medical internships and youth development internships amongst others.

Contact:  021 556 9369

Internships Cape Town and South Africa

Cape Intern offers all the information you need to create your own intern experience. They offer a selection of free services that include, accommodation, transport, a database of intern programmes and other safety tips and travel information. They also offer ideas on how and where to go to explore South Africa while busy with your internship. You can contact them via their website at capeintern.com.

IO Cape Town

This company helps to locate internships and volunteer work in Cape Town and Stellenbosch. They offer the best internships at affordable prices. The IO stands for International office and fist and became one of the most successful intern agencies in Europe. They now also have offices abroad in places like New York. The reason for their success is in their ability to customize and match expectations to each individual and provide an unforgettable and educational experience.

Cape Town is an ideal location for local and international students to complete their volunteer or internship experiences. Some of the internship possibilities at IO are in various departments such as:

  • Finance
  • Real Estate
  • Tourism
  • Education
  • Township and community programmes
  • Refugee programmes

Internships in general help you to grow your career and teach other valuable leadership skills and life skills. Through this opportunity you not only advance your own career, but with these skills and experiences you can then also provide inspiration for others to follow your lead. Being inspired promotes better performance and develops creativity, so that everybody can reach their full potential.

What is BrainBank ?

Aims of BrainBank:

  • To build a sustainable mentoring system within the Western Cape Music and Performance Arts community; where established practitioners act as mentors for those less experienced within the industry.To go beyond this and build a culture of skills exchange where whatever an individual has to offer is perceived as having value.
  • The CES exchange will also, by default, act as an industry networking tool.
  • Yes, but why should I join?

The challenge of initiatives such as the Brain Bank, is that they usually require a large amount of time input with no return, on several levels:

  • By the Mentors who give up their free time to help learners
  • Sourcing of suitable mentors and matching them with suitable learners,
  • The administration around the process, and ongoing recruitment of both parties.

The CES talent exchange system is designed around the premise that the users (in this case the mentors and learners) join and maintain their input themselves. By using this already established and successful tool, Cape MIC and PANSA’s aim is to create the Brain Bank in a manner that virtually “runs” itself.

South African designed and built, the CES is a computerized system where any individual can make “offerings” of their time, for which they get paid talents per hour. Individuals set their own “talent” rate. It is currently thriving, and available in towns all over the world – visit www.ces.org.za

Users will be able to log into the CES exchange and look for certain skills that they need, and take people up on their “offering”. Those who give up their time are paid in talents, which are monitored by the system. Talents can then be exchanged for anything available on the CES system – so effectively though no money is involved at any point everyone is being “paid” for their time.

Other advantages/ Important Points

  • The BrainBank does not limit how a persons talent’s can be used, if a mentor offers their time they can then exchange talents for massages, venue hire, classes, even furniture!
  • As soon as someone registers they are advised to “spend” talents as they then get involved in the community faster. The BrainBank does not require that a person earns talents before they start ‘buying’ – in fact the opposite is recommended,
  • Each member is required to submit at least two offerings when they sign up. Your time and skills are valuable. We’re creating a system of “worth” exchange – and therefore building towards an industry of confident practitioners!