Welcome back to CAPE MIC

Welcome back to Cape MIC, we finally regained ownership of our domain and are back on track. The Western Cape Music Industry is teeming with talent, diversity and beauty. The Cape Music Industry Commission (Cape MIC) is excited and proud to be part of building a bigger, better, more bountiful base for the sound of music.

Cape Mic Jazz Band

At its core Cape MIC comprehensively connects composers, performers, producers, engineers, and music industry executives to encourage dialogue and collaboration. We believe we can do more as a team of individuals and organizations to further the industry’s economic and creative growth than we could ever do alone.


  • establishing and developing positive relationships between all participants in the industry, and
  • amplifying new opportunities, trends and technologies,

We aim to educate and integrate all elements of the industry to encourage growth and sustainable development.

Cape MIC makes its difference felt on the ground, over the airwaves and in the hearts of its supporters with projects that pinpoint crucial industry challenges and actively promote its brilliance to the rest of the country and the wide world.

We want you to be part of it. This industry is music to our ears.